Channel 9 News broadcasted a story regarding the use of drones by the City of Wanneroo to catch people involved in illegal activity in and around the dunes and beaches of their shire, it made me think about Wilbinga and its importance to the 4WD community of Perth.

I’ve spent many weekends enjoying four wheel driving and fishing trips to this area with like minded friends and we are lucky to have this area available so close to Perth. I do not believe that you find this sort of access as close to many other capital cities in Australia.

I am concerned however by the amount of rubbish that gets dumped in the area and the group of friends that I go out with always seem to bring back more rubbish than we create, as do many other people.

A solution that we have discussed on more than one occasion is to charge people an annual fee for a permit to use the area and the revenue to be used directly to employ additional rangers to manage and protect Wilbinga. Education would also be part of any permit system, in an effort to get the people using the area to care for it better.

Regardless of what solution is implemented, if the area is not used responsibility, we as a community could face the real risk of it being closed to all.