Recreational Fishing

I have become aware of an UNNAMED green group who advocated a ban on recreational fishing which triggered a Federal Government inquiry in 2016.

As a recreational fisherman myself, I find this to be an absurd concept.

With approximately 3.4 million people enjoying fishing every year, it is inconceivable to consider banning people from a hobby that is thousands of years old.

The revenues generated from this industry through the sale of bait and tackle alone are substantial.

Coupled with the number of boats and the flow on income from there use, a ban of this nature would lead to massive job losses not only in WA, but across the nation.

I would not support this position.

There are campaigns in progress to protect the sport that we love and I urge you to support those campaigns.

I’ve also recently seen anecdotal evidence that the Fish Size Guide produced by WA Fisheries may not be accurate and that recreational fishers have been fined for relying on it.

This is unacceptable and I would be an advocate for finding ways to make it accurate.