• Much has been said about job creation but, at times, it seems like its been knee jerk reaction in the approach to address this issue. I believe it is imperative that realistic and measurable strategies are identified and implemented to create meaningful jobs to help stimulate growth in our State. Some strategies for consideration could include:
    > Stimulus NOT austerity;
    > Removal of Payroll Tax;
    > Increased TAFE funding;
    > Encouraging investment in country regions;
    > Payment of a realistic Resources Tax as a funding tool for Research & Development;
    > Develop a “primary” processing industry instead of just exporting raw materials;
    > Require the justification of section 457 Visa applications;
    > Increase infrastructure development;
    > Promote overseas investment in WA (subject to FIRB regulations);
    > Donate locally produced goods & services overseas rather than cash;
    > Create/expand facilities for full fee paying overseas students.

The above is not an exclusive list.

  • I support an increased commitment to (and expansion of) the public transport network. Taking as many cars off the roads as is possible and putting those people into trains, buses & ferries has benefits. However, there must be a definable and measurable commitment to this approach. In principle, therefore, I would support the ALP’s Metronet project. 
  • I do not support the sale of public assets as a means of reducing debt. Selling off the “family silver” does not instill confidence in a government’s ability to manage an economy. 
  • I support the creation of a Research & Development agency under government scrutiny. Its aim would be along the lines of providing assistance, advice and (perhaps) funding support to entities that are contemplating new products or projects. 
  • I believe that committing to and investing in renewable energy is a must do. For example, our reliance on coal needs to be phased out as soon as it is practical to do so. I refute statements such as “coal is good for humanity” in this day and age. I support Lock the Gate and would urge you to do so as well.
  • Fracking is a process that should be stopped and wound back. To allow a process that is universally identified as being toxic and dangerous to our water supplies is madness.
  • I accept the primary objective of Roe 8 to get trucks off suburban roads and freight to Fremantle, however, I am of the opinion that this project may have been politically motivated. Given that the damage done so far to the Beeliar Wetlands (as a percentage of the overall area) and that cancelling the project will be costly for the State, I would not stand in its way. However, I would be calling for an immediate enquiry to investigate this project and to look at what action can be taken against the persons involved in pushing this project despite EPA objections and what appears to be a flawed cost/benefit analysis.
  • I do not support bringing in foreign workers under a section 457 visa. I find it difficult to accept that there are jobs in this country for which Australians do not posses the necessary skills/experience to undertake said jobs. I understand that this may apply in specialist areas, however, I would look at having this practice seriously managed and requests subject to strict criteria.   
  • Privatisation is a concept that may be feasible under the right conditions but I don’t support privatisation that is nothing more than outsourcing. Corporatisation is also a useful concept to examine but, again, if it was nothing more than just window dressing for outsourcing, then I reject it too.