Industrial Relations

  • I would support a move to abolish the WA Industrial Relations Commission as I don’t see that there is a need to operate a system specific to WA as compared with what is in place for the remainder of this country.
  • I would support a move to review the current awards and their impact on employment agreements. Some awards are so complicated that it is difficult to satisfactorily understand what obligations are placed on employers/employees. Whilst I am not advocating the immediate removal of conditions, however, I do feel that there some issues need to be examined.
  • I do not and will never support any move to remove secret ballots in union elections
  • Whilst I am a supporter of the union movement, I am also a supporter of small business. I acknowledge that small business is the backbone of this country and must be supported but I also acknowledge that that support should not come at the expense of a worker’s fair entitlements and dignity.
  • I struggle to understand why a woman doing the same job as a man is paid less. Gender equality needs to be addressed.