• I find it discomforting that some in our community are unable to receive proper health care due to a lack of hospital beds, engagement of medical staff etc. To hear of ambulances “ramping” or patients being left in corridors (where’s the dignity in this?) is indicative that there is a problem with our health system. Reform is required and the position articulated by the WA AMA (pg 4-6 summary) is one that I support.

  • My position on abortion is that it is a woman’s decision and prerogative as to whether or not she wishes to have an abortion. Of course, this is subject to a health assessment.
  • I support treating drug users rather than putting them in prison. This does not mean that their actions go unpunished but, rather, helping them to become clean as well.
  • Whilst I can appreciate the concept of euthanasia, I find it a struggle to commit to it. I find it difficult to condone laws that would tantamount allow a person to commit suicide. Whilst dignity in death is something we should all embrace, it should not be used to legislate euthanasia without appropriate safeguards being implemented. 
  • I support Medicare and have no wish to see it either wound down or sold off.