• Signage erected at a voting place should only identify the place where a person can cast their vote. Apart from being an eyesore, the proliferation of party signage does not create a level playing field for those candidates with minimal resources. There has been some anecdotal evidence that signage of smaller parties & independents having been removed or de-faced. Sausage sizzle signage would be exempt.
  • Roadside signage should not be allowed within 100 meters of a voting place and only on private property subject to approval.
  • The current system has no mechanism in place to chase up unregistered eligible voters who are not registered to vote. If you are registered to vote but fail to have your name crossed off the electoral roll on Election Day, you may be subject to a penalty or fine. If, however, you are eligible to vote but do not register, you cannot be subjected to a fine or penalty. Accordingly, the imposition of a fine or penalty should be removed.
  • In this age of technological advancements, the concept of online voting should be a process that ought to be examined. If an appropriately secured app/platform could be devised, we could see a reduction in (i) queues at voting places (ii) absentee/postal votes and (iii) the time it would take to count the votes cast.
  • Further to the above point, I also support the concept of extended voting hours but only for online voting. Attending a voting place can continue to occur between 8:00am and 6:00pm on Election Day. However, why not open the online access from 12:01am to enable those who are unable to attend a voting place to cast their vote? Online voting would close at 6:00pm also.
  • I do not favour the quota system in relation to the Upper House.  I would prefer the quota system be replaced with votes being cast only in relation to the number of vacancies. For example, if only 6 candidates are required for an Upper House election, then only number 6 boxes (number 1 through to 6) and ignore the remaining candidates on the ballot. The votes would then be counted using the preferential system. This approach would eliminate the de-valuing of votes that are transferred to other candidates (transfer value), click here for a summary.
  • I would support the elimination of how to vote cards. I find that these cards are used by parties/candidates to stitch up deals that they may have entered. There is sufficient information available to voters (via technology) for them to make up their own mind on who to vote for.
  • Foreign donations to political parties/candidates should be banned. It’s difficult enough to accept that local contributors can influence the direction a party/candidate may take than for this to also be the case with foreign contributors.
  • During the electioneering period, I always wonder if the election promises made by the major parties are valid or just smoke & mirrors. My view is that the major parties should submit their promises to an independent body for review. The electorate should have the confidence of knowing that the major parties are not making promises that cannot be delivered.