• I fully support the current system of TAFE colleges and believe that they are an integral part of our education system and one that adds value to our society. To cap their funding would, in my opinion, constrict the availability of training & educational opportunities that may not be otherwise available through schools and universities.
  • I do not support any proposal that allows for a higher level of school funding to be made available to private schools as against what would be made available to public schools. If a private school requires funding that exceeds what a commensurate public school would have received on a per child basis, then that private school should be responsible for funding the excess, not the State.
  • I am not convinced that the plan to create & locate a school in a multi story building in the CBD is one that has merit. The concept of an academically selective school being housed in a “city office block” owned by a 3rd party would not be one that I would be comfortable in supporting.
  • I support the Gonski principles espoused in this report.
  • I endorse any strategy that would enable country children to undertake tertiary studies without the need to actually move to the city to attend university, ie a virtual university. Even though the original vision of the NBN may have changed, I believe that we should be looking at facilitating this approach thereby allowing the family unit in the country to remain intact.