Thank you for visiting my site. Its purpose is to outline my position on issues as a candidate at the next WA State Elections to be held on Saturday 11 March 2017. I’m standing as an Independent in WA’s upper house, the Legislative Council for the North Metropolitan Region.

The role of WA’s upper house, the Legislative Council, is to act as a “House of Review” in that it reviews legislation passed by the Legislative Assembly (in the main by the government of the day), as well as monitoring and scrutinising the government’s budget and the administration of government departments and other public agencies.

“We need to embrace the fact that we live in a society, not an economy. As such, we should be putting a value on things and not just a price.”

The concept of government is to develop, set and monitor public policies that enable our society to operate as a whole. However, a political party exists on a set of principles (ideology) that underpins it and which, in turn, determines the direction that party takes when forming policies. This is underpinned by the fact that based on primary votes, it is rare for a party to receive more than 50% of the overall primary vote at an election. As such, this was the main reason why I chose to stand as an Independent as I’m more inclined to take a “centrist” position rather than adopting right or left wing views so that ideological policies do not overly benefit the minority at the expense of the majority.

Anecdotal evidence would suggest that the 2 major parties have the support of around a third of the voting public each, with the remainder spread across minor parties and Independents. Therefore, I find it difficult to accept that the policies of any party can be said to be truly representative of the majority of voters in our society. 

The following pages illustrate my position on where I stand on matters. Some are State based whereas others are National. I accept that not every issue will be supported by everyone and that’s understandable. However, please note that I do reserve the right to change my position on an issue when presented with information that no longer supports my current view. To remain dogmatic on an issue in the face of contrary evidence is, in my opinion, ridiculous.